Yes to K-dramas


Internet has made things easier including enjoying and relaxing ourselves with movies, songs and dramas. Today we can see movies that we didn’t watch in cinemas. We listen different languages’ songs, we didn’t know existed. This crowded space of internet include Korean Series, an addiction. One end up watching all episodes of a series and start to plan for the next. Every episode is a dessert with lot of crying. The series are clean with non-violent and minimal adult content, making it a sitcom like dramas. Fill with funny and cute moments, the tenderness stays after done watching. Language is sure a problem, but subtitles rescue us. At the same time, one end up with learning their tone and few words. It is a best thing happened to entertainment field.

If someone asks of a favourite series, they get no answer to it. Every show is appealing than the other. At present, nationalistic, science and technology, and thriller genre is on rise. Most entertaining series are, Boys over flowers, The heirs, My love from another star, Healer, and Coffee prince among others. Lee Min Ho hostile debut in Boys over flowers made him a top star in Korean cinema world and today is an ambassador of country’s tourism. History tells, an aggressive character is attractive and successful than the pleasant one. None of a drama include any innocent heroine. It seems like everyone knows karate there.

One thing that mesmerize the most is locations and Korean infrastructure, as many series made in Seoul. It is dreamland one fantasizes. And watching a series means living a fairytale, which have a happy ending. At times, every series seems similar i.e. a rich boy in love with a poor girl and mother, against their marriage, becomes a villain. But it temporarily happens if watch 2 or 3 series without a break. When watched after a long time, it’s a live dream again. Loaded with amount of information, it spread education and Korean culture glimpses. Also, storytelling in 16-18 episodes isn’t an easy job.

The Korean series have made a unique place globally. Be it an American, Chinese or an Indian, all glue their eyes when it open in a browser. Fortunately, it is accessible today. With American movies heading toward technology, space and science, Korean series is all romance. And this romance will continue to make audience fall for it, with ‘Oppa’ becoming one favourite word.


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