Engaging And Fun Activities For Adults At KidZania


KidZania Kuala Lumpur is a 21st kid tailored indoor activity center where kids can engage in interactive role play and learning activities. It’s an indoor family-themed community specially tailored for kids and inspired by like-minded kids where kids can engage in educative and interactive activities. There are tons of role play activities for adults in kl you can engage in when you take your kid out to have fun and learn in KidZania. Let’s have a look at some of the award-winning and engaging activities you can take advantage of.

Play Kool Karaoke And Win

If you think you have the prowess and articulacy required to play Kool Karaoke, you can showcase your talent at the Disco Lounge. Here you get an opportunity to sing and express your eloquence in citing rhythmic words together with fellow parents or your friends. If you play well, you may end up winning some gifts from your friends and fellow parents.

Engage In Fun-Driven Parent-Kid Activities

There lots of role play activities for adults in kl which allows you to play together with your lovely sons and daughters. All you need is to identify the identify where parent-kid plays are being done and join with your kids to have blazing and enjoyable moments playing the top-selected role-play activities at distinct hours of the day.

The Lips and Hips Battle

If you are smart enough to concordantly move your hips and lips following the movements of a singing or speaking person’s lips with prerecorded spoken or sung vocals, this is your thing. Here you get an amazing opportunity to showcase your lip sync skills and if you happen to outsmart other competitors in terms of performance, you get an opportunity to take home a range of cool prizes like free tickets to the KidZania Kuala Lumpur.

Engage In A Variety Of Games

If you fancy games and would glad to test your skills, here you will find lots of adult-tailored games for you to play, compete, and have fun. One of the most amazing games you can engage in is the get out before your time elapses game where you have to get out of a specific room or surrounded area within a timedperiod. Another great game is the go big or Go home game where you have to challenge an opponent within a life-size board. In this game, you are often the avatar so you are sure to really have the best play moments.

Hunt Zuper QR and Win

QR codes hunting is a fun and amazing activity that’s quite popular among kids and adults. There are tons of apps and sites that you can utilize to scan the QR codes and be able to win.  KidZania Kuala Lumpur provides you an opportunity to search the city to identify hidden QR codes and be in a position to KidZos on a daily basis. You must understand how each of these activities work and what is required of you if at all you want to have fun and engaging moments and still win big.


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