A wedding is a special ceremony where two people are united. This is an event that two people would be able to cherish for the rest of their lives. Some want to have a few people to witness the holy matrimony, but some want it grand. Regardless of the number of people you invite, or the size of the wedding, what is important is the venue where it will be held.

            The Willows is one of the best venues in Melbourne. Whether it is for Weddings, Corporate Events, or Social Events, they have the capacity to attend to your needs. From the Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, The Wedding, and the Reception. From start to finish, The Willows will be there with you all the way. Get your even planners in Melbourne and plan away!

The Willows – The Wedding Venue in Melbourne

            Holding a wedding at The Willows is an experience like no other. They are dedicated to providing the perfect romance and ambiance fit for every ceremony. The Willows is one of the premier boutique wedding venues that you can find in Melbourne. If you want to make your wedding a magical experience, The Willows is the venue chosen to make.

Elegant Weddings

            With the awesome architecture and unique style of The Willows, this is definitely special for your big day. They have a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that can hold elegant venues which are combined with a Victorian feel but with modern functionality. This will be a one of a kind wedding venue so get your even planners in Melbourne and plan your grand wedding today.

 get your even planners in Melbourne

The Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

            As mentioned above, when you choose The Willows, you have a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces to choose from. This is new compared to other venues that only have one central room for Weddings, Corporate Events, and Social events. The Willows have warm and unique spaces which will allow your guest to move around in their exclusive and private surroundings while enjoying the beauty of the place.

Complete Wedding Package

The Willows does not only offer a venue for your wedding. This place is the total package. Great choices for rooms, amazing ambiance, appetizing food, and the best service in Melbourne. Their menus are carefully put together. During the event, the wait staff will be up to your standards because they are fully trained and have years of experience with food as well as the wine service. They have very popular signature wedding menus that will suit your plans as well as culinary choices.

The cocktail party menus are also available which can be customized depending on your preference. Their wedding menu options can include floating entrees, buffet style desserts, additional courses and also delicious side dishes. If you are looking for a more cultural menu, The Willows can also serve traditional foods of cultural heritage like Indian and Asian inspired banquet.

Make your wedding memories last a lifetime. This event is when your family and your husbands family, as well as your common friends, gather together to celebrate your big day. Make every moment count with The Willows.