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Parties are not a new trend. Every person is aware that parties have been a part of every culture for a while now. Yet,it’s the meaning of fun which has changed with time. If you want to turn your home event or corporate event into an astonishing party, then you can call Race Party, which provides the most popular Slot car racing in Melbourne.

Whether you’re looking for simple fun or a classic fun party with lots of adventure games, you can get it all with Race Party. You just have to tell them what the eventis,what kind of party you want and the team of Race Party will handle your party. They can throw a thrilling Kids Party Entertainment and manage the Christmas, New Year and Birthday parties too.

The various packages available for the customers are listed below:

  • Kid’s party packages:It’s ideal for young boys and girls starting from 6 years old. There are two packages available for the kids, i.e. Pit Lane and Pole Position. The packages also have other customization starting from a range of $33 pp.
  • Social party package: The Social Party Package is for casual racing events with friends and family. It includes a casual racing event and burnout party.
  • Corporate Events package: If you want to have fun at the office, then the corporate event package is simply perfect for you. This package will allow you to enjoy special events in the Office with zeal.

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Even though there are varieties of packages available, yet the Kids Party Entertainment package is the ultimate fun party. Moreover, the best thing about these packages is they are available at reasonable prices. Therefore, anyone can play and enjoy the games.

Remember the 80’s and 90’s Slot Car racing?

There was a time when Slot car racing was so popular among kids and other age groups. But with time, the hobbies changes and slot car racing became a thing of the past. However, in recent years, slot racing is gaining popularity again.

The Race party will allow you to revisit the old trend of slot car racing melbourne, Australia. You can race with your friends, family, or your colleagues and enjoy racing. They have custom designedracetracks and use model slot cars with remote control. This will give you a real racing experience.

You can enjoy the Albert Park Track if you feel like you’re an expert at racing. The track is built with challenging corners and loops. Alternatively, you can try the Monaco track for its super fast runs, angles,and loops. Test your skills as a racer and outrace your opponents. With the help of Race Party, you can enjoy the thrill and diversions of racing.

Therefore, whether you’re a racer or just a spectator, the fun is 100% sure with Race Party. De-stress your mind and body after a busy day or enjoy the free time with your loved ones.


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