Learn ‘Photograph’ by Ed Sheeranon the Piano in 21 Days


Music is a universal language that dwells within every human being. Music is the force of nature which has the potential to transform the world. Everyone loves to hear music no matter what the genre might be but music works in magical ways. Music is a language on its own with so many emotions. Wouldn’t it be amazing to play those songs which you love and are closeto your hearts? The answer would be a definite yes.So,let me tell you how you can easily learn songs such as a Photograph on the piano in just 21 days.

‘Photograph’ is a beautiful song by Ed Sheeran which many music enthusiasts want to learn on the piano. Many people who are just beginners fear that they need the entire music knowledge and years of experience to play songs on the piano which is actually not the truth. You can learn Photograph in just 21 days if you are willing and if you practice regularly. There are numerous online websites which provide the piano lessons so you can play some of your favorite songs in just 21 days.


Why do you need to learn Photograph song on the piano?

‘Photograph’is a ballad song written and composed by Ed Sheeran in the year 2014. It is a very sweet and simple song which has many emotions and feelings. The song is about the sweet and happy moments of the past. And one of the reasons why people love this song is due to the beautiful composition and meaningful lyrics. This song is trending and has millions of views around the globe. This song is quite simple to play on the piano and you can play this song to impress your friends and family.

How to learn the chords for Photograph song?

‘Photograph’has a melodic tune to it and is a beginner level song which makes it quite easy to learn. But before learning the chords for the song, you need to learn the names and the placement of the notes on the keys of the piano. Well, there are only four chords to the Photograph song which are D, A, G and B minor which you can learn by either counting the notes to form the chord or you can learn the shape of the chord directly.

If you are a beginner player, then you can learn to play the Photograph song within 21 days only and many online websites assure you and guarantees that you would be able to play the song in no time. The 21 days piano lesson is the best option for the beginners who just want to play their favorite songs. You can also visit the site https://pianoin21days.com/learn-to-play-photograph-by-ed-sheeran-on-the-piano/ to find out more!


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