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Usually, people don’t start with bass guitars, but some that do think that it is easier than acoustic. This is very wrong and it is one of the many myths that exist about this instrument. Some of them you have to know, so you can better realize how to learn and become a better player. It takes time if you want to earn money playing or forming a band. You need to have proper teaching because not everything can be learned online.

There are many artists that are self-learned, but there is no doubt you will have an advantage if you have a professional by your side. Some people just want to try to play, so investing money in teachers can be a bad idea and learning over the internet can be a better solution. If you want to learn to play bass guitar, you have to know some basics about music and notes. It is more important to have a good tutor than practicing the whole week, but both combined will surely lead to a great player.

Bass Guitar Myths

Before starting to play it, you need to know some prejudice that people who don’t know much are saying about it that can miss lead you. One of the biggest myths is that the bass is easier to play than a guitar. That is maybe true, but just in the beginning, first few weeks.

There are some rumors that you can’t play a bass with a pick. That is absolutely false because we have some of the biggest stars using picks for their bass. Some of them include Bobby Vega, Justin Chancellor, Anthony Jackson, and many more. The best way to go is to learn to use both and there are plenty of artists that to that. It is important to know that some tones you can’t make with your fingers.

Many people recommend getting a cheaper instrument when buying the first time. This is just a waste of money if you are planning to play for a longer period, if you are not, you can just borrow it and see how it feels playing, so you can determine to buy it or not. No matter what instrument it is, it is not going to make you play any better or worse as long as the setup on it is okay.

Read more about it here: https://sachinsindiansummers.quora.com/Five-popular-misconceptions-about-the-Bassist

What tuning you will play?

There is a tuning that over 80% bass players are using and that is with an extra string on the bottom. Also, there’s another tuning method that a lot of bass players use which is where they put the string on the top. When you put a low string, the chances are you will put a low B, so you put a fourth below, and that is what majority is using in day to day work because it will add that extended range.

People will also use a bass that has a high C which is the fourth on the top. This is more related to solo music where people want to play chords and melodies up the top end.

Picking a bass

You should choose your five-string guitar a little bit more carefully than your four string. It is because you are adding extra wood, a heavier piece of it that takes more space because of the strings. So, five string-basses tend to be a little heavier than four-strings, not always, but it is worth being aware that they are bigger.

Looking at other perspectives, when you have a show that lasts two hours or more, the difference in weight will be obvious. It can be hard on your shoulders, so be aware of the physicality of having a heavier instrument.

Adapting to a technique

There are many techniques you can consider, but it usually depends on the artist you are learning from. There is a couple you can use in every situation that every professional knows about. The first is to use the low B string as a thumb rest. If you are on the four-string, that would be on the pickup.

If you want for your chords to have longer and sustained sound, you should be using a long release on your compressor. It is very simple, the longer sustain of the chords will be when the release is longer.

The technique that not many players use is also related to the thumb. It isn’t anchored on the top string, but it is following the flow and going up and down the strings. That means that you can rest on the strings you are not using.

Because everything know depends on the label that you want to sign to, you need to know that most of them like bass players that play with a pick. If you just prefer using fingers because you will have more control, try using one finger. Many players switch middle and index finger, but you should try to get used to using just index. This isn’t anything new because we have some of the best players from Led Zeppelin using this technique.Click here to read more.

Mistakes usually made

Some teachers will skip this tip, but mistake usually made by beginners is not using your playing finger as close to the metal fret as possible. The further you are from it, it will be harder to control the sound and you will hear buzzing. It is easier to achieve this when you play single notes or scales, chords are something different.

When you start playing, you usually have a fear of messing something up because bass can be expensive. But, pressing the strings not hard enough will result in a bad sound, so you shouldn’t be scared of tearing the strings. It can be hard in the beginning, but as you practice it will be easier on your fingers.

Some tips you won’t learn through online classes because you will just go through basics and learning how to play. There is more to it, so always consider a tutor that has a lot of experience so you will learn quicker.


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