What You Need to Know About Escape Rooms


There are many games around but the most adventurous and exciting physical game is involving escape rooms. Escape rooms are also called puzzle room. In this game, the players need to solve series of riddles and puzzles using the clues and hints provided. The players will then create strategies to accomplish the objective, which is to escape before the time runs out.

Escape rooms are popular in Europe, North America, and East Asia since 2010. Escape rooms rhodes provide fun and entertaining atmosphere for all players. If you want to try this game, here are some things that you should know about it:

What happens inside the escape room?

Before the start of the game, it is important that players gather together for a briefing. The briefing will cover the general rules led by a guide. You will then be directed to your door. Once the door closes, there will be a video presentation introducing the theme of the room as well as the storyline and including the instructions.

Who can participate?

There is no restriction as to who can participate the games. Escape rooms are for people who love to have fun. If you are looking for something new to try, it is definitely for you. Whether you are with your family members or group of friends, everyone will find the games enjoyable. It can also be a good venue to harness team building.  Escape rooms are for everybody so it is fine to bring kids. However, you have to know that an adult must accompany children under 12. It is a matter of choosing the right theme. Keep in mind that most of the teams have mature contents. For mature themes, players should be at least 16 years old.


How many people are allowed to play?

Majority of the adventures are designed for groups of two to eight players. If there are more than eight players, check if there is a larger room that can accommodate the group. Escape rooms need collaboration and cooperation so having more players in your group will increase your chances of winning. If there are groups that are not large enough to fill a specific room, they are paired with others.

What will happen if you want to leave the room?

You are not restricted to leave the room anytime for whatever purposes you deem necessary but you have to know that the clock won’t stop or the game won’t take a break. It will continue so it is wise to do everything before going inside.

What will happen if puzzles are too hard for you?

Puzzles and riddles are designed to challenge you and the group. If things are too easy, you won’t have fun for sure. Just do your best to contribute. If the puzzle or riddles are too tough for your team to handle, you can request for a hint from the game masters to help you solve the challenges.

Look for escape rooms near your place to start enjoying it. It can promote team building and camaraderie among corporate teams. For families, it can strengthen the bond.


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