Indian weddings are pompous, grand and lavish and are well acclaimed for being larger than life affair. The big fat Indian weddings are well known for their décor, food and dance. A decoration is what acts as the highlight of the wedding. Upon entering a wedding venue the first thing that guests notice is the lavishness of the venue and grand décor. Ask an individual how a wedding was and the first thing that you hear is the description of the grand décor, they would say ‘bhoth he shandar/ bekar thaa’.

Wedding decoration plays a key role in a wedding owning to which the wedding market is flooded with wedding decorators, décor props and themes. Choosing the right decorator, décor element amidst the number of options available in the market proves to be dainty task. No matter where you get married, no matter which wedding venue decoration is what spikes up the look of the wedding. Are you getting married soon? Are you looking for the best wedding decorators in Ludhiana, Pune or wherever you are getting married? Worry not as we have got your back. Here are a few tips that would guide your search for the best wedding decorator in the right direction.

  1. Do Your Research

Before hiring a wedding decorator do your research to find the best decorator in town. Enlist the best decorators name in the city and select the ones that match with your criteria. Compare the prices of the various vendors and pick the one offering the best service in a minimal price.

  1. Decide Your Budget

Everything in this world comes for price. Weddings are an expensive affair and if not planned within a budget than it can burn a hole in your pocket. You definitely would not want to end up debt ridden post your lavish wedding. This is why it is advisable to set a budget for your wedding. A budget not just helps you to reach the right vendor but it also makes things easier and also leaves out chance of negotiation with the vendor for the final costing.

  1. Color Scheme

While hiring a wedding vendor keep in mind your wedding theme. When contacting a decorator enquire whether they can decorate the venue as per your wedding theme. Also ask the decorator whether they have décor props matching the color palette of your theme or whether they would arrange the décor elements.

wedding decoration ideas

  1. Availability

You might have found the best decorator in town but what if they are not available for the set dates. Therefore it is required that while hiring a wedding decorator you need to check their availability. Make a list of all the vendors that are available for the set dates. Also check whether they have the availability of the variety of balloons that you need. It is advisable to pre book your vendor in order to avoid last minute glitches.

  1. Portfolio

Wedding is about creating a lifetime of happy memories. To ensure that your D-day turns out to be memorable you need the best decorators in the city. For getting the best decoration you need to go through the portfolios of various decorators. Meticulously check their industry experience, testimonials from happy clients, workforce and decoration themes before you finalize your decorator.

  1. References

How would you ensure the credibility of your decorator? It’s as simple as eating a pie, while hiring a decorator ask for references, also check the testimonials that they have received from happy clients. References and testimonials account for credibility and authenticity of a wedding decorator.

Decorations are a vital part of weddings celebrations. Have you found your wedding decorator or wedding decoration ideas yet? Tell us in the comments below about your wedding decoration idea.