How to Make a Short Promotional Film


Many people showcase their business or products by creating a short video film, which is one of the best ways to introduce an audience to you and your organisation. Making a short promotional video used to be a complicated operation, yet with the advances in digital technology, it is now relatively simple, with powerful video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere, which can produce TV quality films on any computer. If you really want the best quality, there are film production houses who specialise in making such films, and if you are considering using video to promote your business, here is a brief description of the process.

The Initial Meeting

Once you have located a video production company in UAE, the next step is to make an introductory appointment, when you will discuss your needs with a creative designer. If you have a concept in mind, the expert will help to develop your ideas, but if, like most clients, you have not given it much thought, the production company will make a few suggestions. Once a concept had been agreed upon, the next step is to create a short storyboard – a series of pictures that depict the various scenes – which is the presented to you for approval. At this point, there are usually small changes made, and with your input, the concept comes together and will form the basis for the film.

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Your Budget

Based on the storyboard, the production company will put together a proposal, which should fall within your allotted budget, and once the proposal has been approved, the production company will begin to plan for the shooting of the raw footage.

The Pre-Shoot Preparations

This would include the following:

  • The Location
  • The Actors
  • The Props

Filming is a very expensive business, even a short 5-minute film involves a lot of preparation, and the team would ensure that everything is ready on the day of the shooting. The list of people involved includes:

  • Cameraman
  • Sound engineer
  • Lighting engineer
  • Director
  • Make-up

The director will oversee the filming, which is carried out scene by scene and the filming might not be in chronological order, and several takes may be required for each shoot.

Post Filming Production

Once the director is happy with the raw footage, the project moves into the editing room, where the technician will begin to build the film timeline. They would use a professional video editing program, such as Adobe Premier, or Final Cut, which have some very powerful editing tools, and by adding audio tracks, such as voice overs and background music, the film begins to take shape. The director would usually have much more raw footage than he needs, which gives him more of a choice, and once he is happy with the product, the client would be invited for a preview.

There is an alternative to using a professional film production company, which is to spend thousands of dollars on filming equipment and study for around 6 months until you become proficient at making a short film.



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