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Since we already live in the Sci-Fi world, it became challenging to see what more will happen with the technology all around us. We can easily say that technology will affect everything that we do, so the question is what will happen to the music?

You should check this particular SoundCloud article because you will be able to see the latest news about this specific music-sharing platform that allowed numerous artists to become prominent when compared with other platforms.

Therefore, you should stay with us to learn our predictions on what will happen with the music in the future:

Unreal Singers and Artists

You have probably heard about Hatsune Miku and her catchy songs. If you have, you know that we are not talking about the real person here, and that is a small detail that will completely change the way music industry functions.

For instance, she already had duets and collaborations with real singers such as Pharrell,and we can only assume what will happen in the future.

Even though she is a planetary attraction, if you are unfamiliar with J-pop acts, you should have in mind that other artists will also enter the scene for a second time. We are talking about Roy Orbison, who died in 1988, but he will create 3D hologram world tour, alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

According to his son, the hopes of his playing will increase the opportunity, and that will allow fans to see deceased artists for a second time.

Even though this particular idea is controversial and it can create numerous critiques, it is something that technology allowed us,and we are looking in the futuristic sample of what we can expect.

The technology has not got to a point where hologram can have the live and real appearance that will appeal to fans, but the potential is increasing,and programming and applications will provide the ability for fans to see long-term diseased artists once again.

At the same time, M.I.A has stated that she believes that rappers could use hologram technology to create rapper’s alter egos, which is an excellent combination of old and modern principles.

By implementing AI into the music, people will be able to use the goggles,and they can be on concerts wherever they are.

You should also have in mind that even though the appearance will be virtual and that more and more artists are embracing the technological perspectives in their careers, music is all about the songs.

Live Experience Is Changing

We can easily say that the idea of live performances and experiences changed from the sixties when Woodstock appeared and until today. According to some experts in technology, augmented and virtual reality, as well as 3D mapping, could create more interactive live performances than before.

The parameters are changing and shifting, and the combination of light and laser productions is more than before,and it will affect your visuals and music in overall. For instance, the 3D mapping will manipulate both feel and look of a 3D object, so you will have theexperience, which will stand the test of time when compared with previous concerts.

Now you will be able to experience the idea of being on the stage with artists, and technology will provide us other possibilities too. For instance, Gorillaz, which is the first favorite animated band, hosted their festival.

To learn more on 3D mapping, you should check this link:

You Will Be Able To Record Wherever You Are

It is a common thing that today you can record wherever you are without the idea of hanging with major production companies that have a monopoly on studios.

Today, you can record with the band without even meeting them and discuss the new songs through conference calls in other countries. During the past times, getting into the studio was a hassle that every artist had to pass, and the band had to be noticed by officials so that they can get recording deal.

However, today, almost everyone can record with ease, which is something that people could not do before. You can work with other artists even though you are in different areas and edit the music in real time so that everyone could see what you are doing and so that you can discuss together about songs.


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