There are a lot of factors that need to be discussed when planning a successful and memorable wedding ceremony. Also, there are lots of chances for things to fall through failures. Of course, you want the ceremony to become the most memorable and special day of your life, and music plays an important role to make that happen.

Today’s article will give some essential acoustic music for Weddings and Corporate events tips to make sure that your chosen music will provide elegance and intimacy to the wedding ceremony.

Here are the top wedding music mistakes you need to avoid:

1. Avoid Hiring a Musician to Play for the Ceremonies Only:

Keep in mind that musicians are versatile; they can play different kind of genres that will suit the couple’s taste of music. So make sure that you get the best out of those musicians to compensate for your payment.

Pre-ceremony music can also make the ceremony on track and controllable. Making sure that all the guests like sponsors, parents, grandparents to get seated appropriately to their designated seats. You may hire musicians to play 15-30 minutes before the ceremony. Making them play in advance send a signal to guests that they should be seated.

2. Avoid Lengthy Song for the Couple’s First Dance:

 You don’t need to pick a lengthy song for the couple’s first dance, because not every guest will like it to stand for a longer period. You may select a song that’s meaningful for both of you but always keep it short and straightforward. Besides, picking short music won’t lose the guests’ attention.

Top Wedding Music Mistakes and How to Avoid It

Be sensitive when picking a father-daughter or mother-son dance song. If you hire a live band, orient them to cut verses of the song to make it look simple and shorter.

3. Don’t Play the Music Too Loudly:

When the ceremony becomes a nightclub vibe, then for sure the music is too loud. Older and youngster guest may leave early during the ceremony if they can’t keep up with the noise. For sure, nobody wants to carry a conversation with a loud noise in the background.

Always talk with your wedding music vendor, make sure to orient them to play the music only at the appropriate sound level. Programs that need to have a music background like a ceremony, dinner hour, first dance, parent-child dances, and cocktail hour should follow a standard level of volume.

A great and reliable live band can adjust themselves accordingly depending on the current event such as cocktail and dinner time. But for other couples, they prefer to play a pre-recorded background music during dinner time.

4. The Musicians You Hire Only Knows One Genre:

Always make sure that the musicians you hire are versatile. Meaning, they can play any genres that the couple wanted to hear. Besides, if there’s a case of impromptu, musicians know how to play different genres can provide the necessary background for that event.

Also, you can’t please every guest, but a good live band or musician can set the mood for the better.

5. Your Guests Request for a Strange Strong:

Before the wedding ceremony, you’ve oriented the group about the “do-not-play-this-song” list to avoid songs that you don’t want to hear. However, after a few drinks, drunk guest requests to have a song that you don’t want to hear. So always make sure that the reception or wedding coordinators know who is allowed to call for a request.