Try the Imperfectly Perfect Battlegrounds with PUBG


The most trending and popular online battle royale game nowadays are PUBG undoubtedly. The game is developed and published by a South Korean Video Game company named Bluehole. The game was basically released for Windows OS via Steam. Then in the following months, the game was released for other platforms too. Right after the release, it gained various followers. At present, you can come around PUBG news on every social media and telecommunication platform.

Even though some critics mentioned that the game is not complete and had some technical issues too. still, the game was nominated Game of the Year among other accolades.


The basic gameplay includes 100 players landing on the ground with parachutes. The players start a scavenging hunt for weapons and equipment to kill other players and survive till the end. The safe zone on the Island keeps getting short that forces the players to encounter the other players. The player who is the last to survive wins the round.

Battlegrounds are like a large scale last man standing deathmatch. It is a player versus player shooting game in which up to 100 players can participate at once. The players come around various items such as weapons, vehicles, armor, health, and other essential equipment that would allow them to survive longer in the game. The items are distributed throughout the map. The best equipment is kept inside the high-risk zone. And as one player kills the other, the killed players can be looted to acquire their gears.

Perfect Battlegrounds with PUBG

As the game continues, the playable area gets reduced towards random locations. Any player who fails to stay in the safe zone has to suffer from serious damage and eventually gets eliminated from the game. All players can see the zone shrinking down bit-by-bit every second. The map is confined smartly and increases the chances of encounters.

During the match, the regions get bombed and become red randomly that poses threat to the players. Luckily, all players are warned before anything is about to happen. In between the game, you will see the plane dropping loot package that contains rare equipment. It is also designed to increase the confrontation of the players. On average, it will take almost 30 minutes for a player to complete the game.

As the players win the game, they receive in-game awards according to the performance. Even if you don’t win the game, your kills will determine the rewards you’ll get. The game has a certain catch that attracts the players. After all, there is a reason why you see PUBG news every now and then.

Till now, PUBG has made a fan following of over 400 million players worldwide. The number is distributed among various platforms. But still, it is one of the best online games available in the market. If you want to stay in touch with the latest game news and updates than you can stay connected with MyGameOn. It will notify you of all upcoming games, its reviews, and updates too.


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