What Is the Easiest Instrument to Play?


With so many musical instruments you can choose from, it’s a tough decision to determine which one to learn. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, learning to play a new instrument can be a challenge. So how do you pick the easiest instrument that you can play in the long run?

Best Instruments to Play for Beginners

The best time to learn an instrument is during childhood when early developments take place and the mind is still sharper and more active. If you’re looking for the easiest instruments to play, here are some of the top picks you can choose from:

  • Perhaps, this is the most popular musical instrument that people choose when they want to engage in music. Violins are easy to learn and play, and can even be learned by kids from 6 years of age and beyond. Choose the violin that suits your age as there are various sizes of this instrument.
  • Cello. This is another stringed instrument that is easy to learn, even for children. Basically, it’s larger than violin and the body is much thicker. However, this instrument is played similarly with the violin. All you need to do is rub the bow across the strings in order to produce the sound.
  • Across the globe, guitar is a truly popular musical instrument that students learn at an early age. You can begin with folk style so that you can learn the basics and then easily shift to more advanced notes. However, you need an acoustic guitar before you move to electric guitar.
  • As early as 6 years old, kids can already explore their talents in music. For instance, playing the piano is one of the easiest instrument to learn today. However, just like any other instruments, you need patience and time before you can master playing the piano.

These are only some of the most common musical instruments that people choose to learn. If you want to develop your musical skills, you can start with the easiest such as violin. There are many choices of violin brands you could look into, if you want to save time in looking for one, you can opt for searching the internet for plenty of trusted violin shop that sells quality violins. Over time, you can improve your skills and play other stringed instruments like the cello and viola.

Wrapping It Up

It’s not easy to choose between these instruments. So before you pick, consider what you really want to play in the long run. Once you have made a decision, find a reliable instructor to help you learn the instrument. Take lessons and you will surely find it easy to play your dream instrument.


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