Online streaming helps you stay updated on new music. Plus, you don’t need to save songs on your phone or laptop.

If music is food for the soul, then you have a lot to feed your soul on in terms of a variety of music being available online. The best part is, there are several reputed online music streaming platforms that offer the latest and also older music, much of which is free to listen to.

You might have replayed music back from VCDs in the past, and then graduated to downloading music online to save it on your laptop. But now, you have the option to stream music online directly on your phone or laptop. No downloading necessary!

This is why online music streaming is better than saving songs on your phone or computer:

* It’s instant. You can just browse through the collection available on the streaming app, pick a song you like and tap on it to play it. No need to wait for the audio to buffer and then download.

* You save a lot of space on your phone or laptop when you choose to stream music rather than save songs for replay.

* You can stream the same song on loop as many times as you want. Plus, you get the option to download a song you really like, if you choose to.

* You now have access to your favourite music via online streaming sites.

How do you stream online music?

  • Get the music streaming app of your choice on your phone. You can even open it on your desktop computer/laptop.
  • Tap on the app to get started. Some apps require a setup, while others start working at once. If you wish to download songs, some apps may ask for you to set up an account or register once.
  • Some online music streaming apps have ‘premium’ category music that you must pay to stream or download.
  • Once you have the app, you can choose the songs you want to hear based on genre, top trending hits, latest songs, retro songs, etc.
  • Just tap on the song you wish to hear, and let it play.
  • The app might use your phone data to stream. You should use a Wi-Fi connection if you want to stream for a long while, or download a lot of songs for playback later.
  • You can also create different playlists and save songs under each playlist, for example: work list, work out list, commute songs, late night listening songs, party numbers, etc.

Choose the best streaming app

There are online music streaming apps galore. But only the best ones offer a wide range of song genres, the latest hit numbers, free song streaming and an overall excellent listening experience. We suggest that you first go through the app’s selection to judge if it is to your liking, before downloading it on your phone. Most music streaming apps are free to download on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.